New Year, Old Pandemic

Hello people of earth. Thank you for coming. Welcome to my brand new website, updated for the first time in like three years, where it used to look like your community college professor’s website from about 1999.

Now it is 2021, and we’ve all at least sort of got the hang of this quarantine thing. In between bouts of existential dread, I find myself enjoying little things that maybe I didn’t take as much time for a year ago. I wrote a lot of words last year, some of which will amount to something. The rest is for me to muse on periodically as I age and that’s good enough for me. I also purchased a Nintendo Switch, the newest gaming system I’ve owned since the Playstation 1, and I’ve enjoyed getting lost in a hobby that I don’t have to pick apart and try to make something out of; It is simply loads of fun to pretend to be a Dark Elf for a few hours. It’s important to do things for the joy of them, something I think it is easy to lose sight of in today’s age. I look at teenagers on Tik Tok with a lot of wonder and a little jealousy; I did not grow up with social media in the way it exists today, and navigating its pros and cons leaves me feeling overwhelmed and hermity. The kids are alright, I have no doubt of that, and we could probably all learn a thing or two from their ingenuity.

This year will mark a kind of return to digital space for me. I have a single coming out on Friday, something I recorded at home with the remote help of a friend, something that captures the bottled, isolated feeling of the past ten months. (God, has it been that long?) We’ve been working on several songs that I will release little by little over the coming months, one chip at a time. It’s good to be in a creative groove; it’s good to have these creative relationships and maintain them when all else is uncertain. It is good to make things.

And if you can’t find it in you to make something, at least make peace. Pretend to be a Dark Elf, eat a snack, read a book, watch a movie. Be a human.

I’ll see you on Friday.


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