Goodbye Fly

The sky’s looking grey again

If I try, I can almost pretend

That I’m a fly in a jar, on a shelf in a bar

And I can’t drive my car cuz I’m gone pretty far

Plus I’m a fly in a jar

The sky’s on fire again

Stay inside, keep away from friends

Like a fly in a jar drinking from a home bar

‘Til I reach for the stars, hit the side of my jar

I’m a fly in a jar

Come back, come back

Come back, oh sweet sanity

Come back, come back

Return to me, oh modicum of peace

Remember me

Your dear forgotten fly in a jar

When the sky is above us again

We’ll get together and laugh from beginning to end

And all those flies in their jars will get drunk at the bars

And we’ll pile up in cars to sleep under the stars

Goodbye, fly

Goodbye, fly

Goodbye, fly in a jar

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